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  • 713reur-00, Pet Tolerant Lithium PIR Detector


Pet Tolerant Lithium PIR Detector

The 713r Passive Infrared Detector and Transmitter is a variant of the 714r that is designed to offer a greater level of pet immunity. Its wire-free design enables it to be placed at the point of maximum effectiveness in any room, and it can be installed in exactly the same way as the 714r.
The 713r can detect human movement up to 10 metres away while simultaneously filtering out environmental factors to prevent false alarms.
To ensure that the transmitter is always working, the long-life lithium battery sends a signal when less than one month’s operation remains.

•Detect and signal man–sized movements within a 10m range

•Can be used to remotely switch lights, doors and machines

•Can be connected to any standard burglar alarm system via Scantronic receivers

•Can be connected to many building management systems (BMS)

•Can be connected to many access control systems

Part Number: 713rEUR-00
Power Supply : 1 x AA 3.6V Lithium cell
Battery Life: Aproximately 24 months
Operating Temperature: -10 to +55°C
Low Voltage Alarm : 2.4V nominal
Lens: Standard 10m x 90°
White Light Filter: Greater than 2000 Lux
RF Immunity : 10V/m
Dimensions: 82mm x 71mm x 47mm (H x W x D)
Operating Frequency :868.6625MHz @ 20KHz bandwith tested to I-ETS 300 220
Transmission Power: 10mW
Free Space Radio Range: >1000m
Supervision Signal : Every 4 Minutes

Compliance: EN50131-3 Security Grade 2 Enviromental Class II


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713reur-00, Pet Tolerant Lithium PIR Detector

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